To make farming more sustainable


inaho’s mission is to make farming more sustainable. We are developing products and solutions that allow labour-saving and efficiency improvement in agriculture.


Fully-automated harvesting robot for snack tomatoes

・AI algorithm identifies ripe fruits by color and size
・Up to 12-hour operation on a single charge.
・Works day and night

Vision System

Advanced AI algorithm analyses the location, size and ripeness of fruits.

Autonomous Navigation

SLAM, RTK GPS and sensor technologies allow robust mobile robot navigation indoor and outdoor


Proprietary robotic arms and mobile robots

Our Solutions

For Farmers

Provide Automation technologies

  • AI-equipped harvesting robots for tomatoes/asparagus
  • AGVs, Electric trolleys

Consultation on farm operation and automation

Development of cultivation systems suitable for robot harvesting

Offering data and traceability

For Researchers

Customized Special Products

  • Custom robots for plant/crop research
  • AI Vision Systems

Want to see how the robot works? You can join our demonstration!

We won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in the “9th ROBOT AWARD”, issued by the Japanese government


Yutaka Hishiki
Co-founder / CEO
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Sohya Ohyama
Co-founder / COO
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Takahito Shimizu
Managing Director of inaho Europe B.V.

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We believe that our cutting-edge technologies and solutions will contribute to the well-being of all persons in the agricultural industry and lead to the realization of sustainable agriculture in the future. To make this happen, we are seeking partners who can expand on these values together: growers, seed companies and facility equipment companies.

    We are seeking partners:
    ・Agriculture consulting firms
    ・Seeds companies
    ・Research organizations
    ・Anyone with exciting projects!